NCMC's History

In 1987, a handful of Ford and Mustang enthusiasts thought it might be nice to gather at the local coffeeshop and discuss their favorite hobby: Ford Cars. Most of the group were already Mustang Club of America members and were long time Mustang owners. Upon further investigation it was learned that the MCA allowed the formation of local chapters and an idea was born.

In 1989, 10 friends gathered and voted to submit an application for a local chapter of the MCA. A short time later, the North Central Mustang Club received notice that the MCA had approved their application and were considered a local charter group of the Mustang Club of America.

The membership had steadily grown from the very first day we went "public". We had our meetings wherever we could find space, places like Paulhamus Litho and Pecht Tire Co. Eventually, we met Bob McCormick who invited us to hold the meetings in the service department of his dealership. We began to have club cruises and outings on a regular basis and the club snowballed from there. Our membership has grown to over ten times our original group.

The years have been filled with shows, events, gatherings and Christmas parties. Our members have won many local and national awards from the MCA to the SCCA. We have donated to local and national charities, participated in many many parades and lend a hand whenever we can. We have hosted our own show nearly every year since 1990 - first at the Lycoming County Fairgrounds, the Lycoming Mall, Indian Park, and local dealerships. More recently we have combined our show planning efforts with other local clubs and hold the show on the same day as two other shows, all in Muncy PA.

We are always on the lookout for more Ford and Mustang enthusiasts who enjoy gathering together for a ton of family fun. Come join us. The North Central Mustang Club may have the word Mustang in our name but we are for the Ford enthusiast of every make and model. Bring us your Cougars, your Cyclones and Towncars, your hot rods, street machines and pickups. We've got plenty of room.